Application Outsourcing Services

Patuxent Innovation specializes in identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your business, developing robust plans for success, and supporting the implementation of change.
Our industry-leading approach delivers accurate, metrics-based analysis of complex organizations. We work with all your management and staff to understand and document how they do their day-to-day jobs, allowing us to provide an independent, external perspective on where improvements could be made.

Application Outsourcing Services

Pain Points Analysis

Every organization that has adopted application outsourcing over the last decade or two is now constantly looking at ways and means to refine and revolutionize its capabilities in this space to ensure that results produced are in line with business demands. To achieve this objective, enterprises are constantly on the lookout for best practices and frameworks for delivering sustained business value and ensuring operational superiority. At Patuxent Innovation we offer Application Outsourcing Services that are geared towards revolutionizing the clients’ application outsourcing portfolio, while enabling them to garner higher and enhanced business value. Our approach is tuned towards ensuring greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation, thereby making our clients’ business a lot more competitive.
We are at the cutting edge of key technology paradigms such as cloud computing, application modernization and agility, and are reshaping our clients’ IT environments to leverage these next-generation technologies, across their businesses.

Our Application Outsourcing Services portfolio includes:

Application Development – Helps you address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing, and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements

Application Maintenance – Maximizes your existing IT applications through offshore-ability analysis, maintainability analysis, maintenance, and enhancement

Application Management -Offers a wide range of support services for various platforms and technologies

Application Modernization -Helps modernize legacy systems to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption, and lower costs

Application Portfolio Management -Helps you decide on a portfolio strategy and then assess and govern the portfolio on an ongoing basis

Packaged Application Services -Helps you automate your value chain through off-the-shelf application packages. We enable you to harvest value through varied and configurable package-centric solutions

Performance Engineering and Enhancement -Enhances the performance and scalability of applications across the technology stack and application lifecycle

SOA Realization – Helps organizations design, develop, test, and deploy services to realize a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Solution Architecture Assessment -Offers a complete architectural analysis and assessment of your IT application, focusing on Quality of Service (QOS) parameters such as scalability, performance, interoperability, and usability

Solution Architecture Definition – Defines the solution architecture required to implement business solutions to meet business requirements, and ensures that the solutions are aligned with the enterprise architecture

Testing and Validation Services -Helps clients across industry verticals create a Quality Assurance (QA) enterprise through a combination of varied models, offerings to address the changing technology landscape, and new engagement models

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